Quality as a norm

SAFEWORK has developed a wide range of personal protective equipment using the latest technology and machinery and the most innovative materials. With our long experience as working garment manufacturers, we have a diverse portfolio of products and solutions (working clothes and protection, safety shoes, personal protective equipment)

Quality as the norm
SAFEWORK manufactures products with a very high level of quality, providing work clothes, long life, excellent comfort and protection of the worker to use. Our company is certified with ISO: 9001: 2008, ensuring the standardization of procedures leading to the manufacture of quality products. Our business strategy is aimed at identification of our logo with high quality, in the Greek and European market.
Having the ability to produce and by effecting stringent quality controls at all stages of production, SAFEWORK ensures:
- Strict compliance with product certifications.
- Flexibility, providing our customers the possibility to order in small and large quantities.
- Short delivery times.
- Development of new products very quickly.
- Fast delivery of products in stock.
- Direct communication and closeness to the customer.